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Black Sun foot soldier blaster

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Tristan Wren

Tristan Wren

LP 1100

Str 12
Dex 6
Tou 12
Per 5
Wil 5
Cha 4

Phys Def 8
Spel Def 6
Soci Def 10

Death   74
KO      64
Wound   17
RT      5
Knockdown 12

Phys Arm 14
Myst Arm 7

Move Full/Combat 65/33

Claws x2
Attack  12
Damage  16


Spines x1
Attack 16
Damage 22
Range 2-40, 41-100, 101-220

Hydralisks are zerg which are 6 yards long and weigh half a ton, with
snakelike lower bodies, two arms ending in large claws, and a bony
head.  Most scary however is not their claws and armor, but rather the
hundreds of spines stored below their upper carapace and fired by
their strong internal muscles.   Hydralisks like zerglings are quite
numerous, and may actually be the most common zerg.  They are thought
to be more intelligent and are often observed playing with their prey.

Like zerglings hydralisks enjoy burrowing underground to hide, and
will also attack by ambush from cover if possible, though they also
have been seen attacking openly in ranks almost as if directed by a
higher military intelligence.

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