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Name:. Crossguard lightsaber
Type: Melee Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Lightsaber; Crossguard lightsaber
Cost: Unavailable for sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Very Difficult *
Damage: 5D

*: The Crossguard Lightsaber is harder to use than a normal Lightsaber, as it is easier to hit yourself, however the Crossguard gives a bonus 1D to lightsaber parries.

Description: The crossguard lightsaber was an ancient lightsaber design that dated back to the Great Scourge of Malachor. It typically emitted three blades, a primary blade and two raw power vents known as quillons. The quillons were tributaries of the main blade and emitter shrouds were used on each of the lateral vents to protect the wielder's hands from harm. To create the quillons an array of focusing crystal activators were used to split the energy from the lightsaber crystal.

During the early rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Ezra Bridger found a broken green-bladed crossguard lightsaber on Malachor. Kylo Ren later built his own crossguard blade, which was unstable due to usage of a cracked kyber crystal.

Comments made about this Article!

01/Oct/2017 13:12:30 Posted by jadawin

Hello guys,

Great to see you back in town (or in Jakku?)

I think your crossgard design for light saber to be a little unbalanced in respect to a double bladed lightsaber and light sai which has the same penalty for its double blade.
I propose the following stats:
difficulty: dificult (as per normal lightsaber)
damages 5d
parry +1d
user hurts himself on an lightsaber miss of 5+ (instead of 10+) on base difficulty.


03/Oct/2017 12:27:37 Posted by Freddy

I like that way of handling it. I just upped the difficulty as I thought that you'd either be concentrating on not cutting bits off yourself with the crossguard, or would actually be cutting bits off yourself with the crossguard, unless you're skilled enough. But changing that to it just being easier to hurt yourself is probably a better way of doing it.


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