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Model: Deactivator hold-out pistol
Type: Holdout Ion Blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: holdout
Ammo: 10
Cost: 500 (power packs: 50)
Availability: 2, F
Range: 3-6/12/30 (Ion Damage) 1/2/6 (Energy Damage) *
Damage: 4D (Ion Damage), 3D (Energy Damage) *

*: Although Primarily an Ion weapon used against droids, the Energy Bolt can cause damage at very short range.

Description: A deactivator hold-out pistol fired a blast of energy that deactivated any droid hit by its bolt. Despite its small size, it could also be a deadly weapon.

In 21 BBY, Senator Rush Clovis used this pistol to threaten Lott Dod and save Padmé Amidala's life.

During the Clone Wars, the Duchess of Mandalore's personal starship, the Coronet, was attacked by assassin probes and probe killers. Duchess Satine Kryze produced a small handheld deactivator from her sleeve and proceeded to fire at the small probe killers, disabling several with each shot. While on Coruscant, Duchess Satine used her deactivator to disable a police probe, which was following her after she had been framed for murder.
Onaconda Farr's aide and killer, Lolo Purs, also used this weapon to take Padmé Amidala hostage when she was accused of Farr's murder by the Naboo senator.
The Selkath bounty hunter Mantu also used one of these weapons.

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