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Name: Seripas armored suit
Type: Survival Gear
Height: 2.06 meters
Availability: 2, X
Game Notes: Only usable by a character under 1 meter in height.

Game effects:
         Heavy Suit:
                 5D Strength for all purposes when wearing suit (damage resistance, melee, lifting, etc)

         Circular Saw:
                 Difficulty: Moderate
                 Damage: STR+2D (max: 6D)

         Double-barrelled repeating blaster:
                 Ammo: 100 (double blasts)
                 Range: 3-30/120/350
                 Damage: 5D+2

Description: Seripas's armored suit was a mechanized suit of armor utilized by the bounty hunter Seripas when he was affiliated with Sugi and her band of bounty hunters. It was used to conceal Seripas's small stature and look intimidating, as well as to boast a powerful circular saw and double-barrelled repeating blaster.
In Circa 22 BBY, it was destroyed when a Weequay pirate shot at it as Seripas was defending a small farming village with his fellow bounty hunters and Jedi allies.

Comments made about this Article!

10/Nov/2017 11:02:00 Posted by : Hellstormer1

Nice, kinda reminds me of Dragon Armor in the look.

10/Nov/2017 13:07:20 Posted by : Freddy

Love the fact that inside the armour he's a wee guy in his version of a giant mecha suit.

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PStats by FreddyB, Descriptive text from WookieePedia
Image copyright LucasArts.
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