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Onderonian disruptor

Name: Decraniation
Cost: 4000 credits
Availability: 2, X

Game Notes: Decraniation removes the upper part of the head and most of the cerebral functions, replacing them with cybernetic augmentation, creating a droid like servant. All will, memory and personality is removed, mental functions are dropped to 1D (Perception, Mechanical, Technical, Knowledge) and all skills are lost, replaced with two new skills at 3D. Decraniated are usually used as menial servants.

Description: The Decraniated were an order of servants produced by a fugitive surgeon using the suspected alias of "Roofoo." A member of the Decraniated was briefly seen in Jedha City shortly before the city was destroyed by a single-reactor superlaser blast from the newly-operational Death Star.

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26/Nov/2017 11:48:35 Posted by hellstormer1

OMG, WTH, I don't remember seeing THIS in ROgue One, HOLY CRAP!!!!! Creepy......need to watch it again.

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