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Name: Pocket-sized aquarium
Cost: 10 credits
Availability: 1

Game Notes: The fish within require some care such as feeding, but the tank takes care of cleaning and protecting the fish from light mishandling. If the owner is caught in any explosions or the like, the fish will not be protected, and may die, or the tank may crack and leak.

Description: A pocket-sized aquarium was a novelty fish tank found in trade shops across the galaxy. It consisted of a small plastic cube which was fitted with a nutrient dispenser, filled with water, and contained a single or multiple fish. The trader Saun Dann sold such aquariums in his shop on Kashyyyk during the Galactic Civil War.

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20/Oct/2018 01:56:49 Posted by Federico033

Dude, adding stuff from the Christmas Special, now that takes dedication.

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