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Name: Theelin Grappling boa
Type: Melee weapon
Scale: Character
Range : 4 meters
Skill: Melee combat: Theelin Grappling boa
Cost: 1,700
Availability: 4, R
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: 4D damage

Game Notes: The Grappling Boa can entangle targets as well as causing damage with it's barbs, requiring a Str (Difficult) to escape undamaged, or a Str (Moderate) to tear themself free taking further damage from the weapon.

Description: A grappling boa was a weapon used by the Theelin bounty hunter Latts Razzi during the Clone Wars. The boa was utilized much like a whip and could be used to ensnare a target and violently hurl them about. Razzi used them successfully against some Kage Warriors on the subtram and used again against a Death Watch Soldier on Nal Hutta.

Comments made about this Article!

03/Mar/2018 02:59:46 Posted by hellstormer1

For the user to grapple a target with this weapon, do they roll their skill dice against the difficulty, or against the target's Dodge skill? Or, would it be a static roll or opposed roll?

03/Mar/2018 08:31:40 Posted by Freddy

I'd use the targets dodge to make it fair, just a simple, if it hits it can entangle.

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