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Name: Ballista Golem
LP: 1250

Init: 8

Str 10
Dex 8
Tou 10
Per 6
Wil 5
Cha 5

Phys Def 10
Spel Def 8
Soci Def 10

Phys Armor 10
Myst Armor 5

Move 50/25

Death 61
Wound Thresh 15
Knockdown: 20 (but if knocked down, is destroyed)

Attacks (1 every 2 rounds)
Attack 14
Damage 24

The Ballista Golem is a amalgation of magic and clockwork from Thera, being an armored ballista capable of moving and firing itself with good accuracy and faster than a crewed ballista is capable of.  Ballista Golems are popular on the Theran frontiers where they are used against various monsters and insurrectionists.  They follow orders blindly, even to their own destruction, and if not given orders will fire on anything not perceived as friendly.

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