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Elbonians (Near Human)

Elbonians are short near-humans. They all take pride in their thick beards
and moustaches, which start growing out very early in their lives. Even
women sport thick beards. They almost always wear long robes as well as a
large rounded hat 2 feet tall.

PERSONALITY: They are mostly like most humans, except that they take pride in
their beards.  They are somewhat superstitious, and make people think they are
as advanced as humans.

PYSICAL DESCRIPTION: They look like most humans.



EXAMPLE NAMES: Lani, Arri, Sala

ADVENTURERS: They do most adventures just like humans.

--2 Intelligence: Elbonians have a small lack of intelligence and technology.
-Medium-size: As Medium-size creatures, Elbonians have no special bonuses or penalties
due to their size.
-Elbonian base speed is 10 meters.
-2 extra skill points at 1st level: While, not as intelligent as humans, Elbonians are
still able to master tasks faster than the average creature.
-Automatice Language: Basic.

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