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Name: Ore crawler
Scale: Walker
Length: 95 Meters
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation; Ore Crawler
Crew: 1 captain, 1 foreman, 5 crew members
Passengers: 6
Cargo Capacity: 1,500 Tonnes
Cover: Full
Maneuverability: 0D
Move: 25, 75 kmh
Altitude Range: Ground-75m
Body Strength: 9D
Equipped With:
          Long Range Communications
          IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droids


Description: Ore crawlers were a type of a crawler used by the Mining Guild on the planet Lothal. They were used to strip rake the planets surface for raw materials to feed Imperial factories. One such crawler, crawler 413-24 was hijacked by the Spectres so they could use its communications array to contact Alliance High Command.

The Mining Guild dispatched ore crawlers across the planet Lothal to strip the land for raw materials to be used in the mass production of Imperial armaments in the Imperial Armory Complex and Imperial factories across the galaxy. Crawler 413-24 was dispatched to the southern hemisphere of the planet.

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