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Joopa Base

Type: Auto-med couch
Knowledge: 1D
         Alien Species 2D
Perception: 1D
         Injury/Ailment Diagnosis 5D
Technical: 1D
         First Aid 5D, Medicine 8D

Equipped with:
         Basic Vocabulator system
         Medical Diagnosis Computer
         Analytical Computer

Size: 2meters
Cost: 3,500 (new); 1,000 (used)

Description: An auto-med couch was used in hospitals for medical procedures, and to apply medication to patients. The Wheel hospital had an auto-med couch. On Senator Simon Greyshade's orders Luke Skywalker was restrained in an auto-med couch on The Wheel and given drugs to keep him in a trance. Skywalker was able to overcome both drugs and restraints and escape.

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