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Nagasci are large, three-legged aliens with a large, bulky torso. Their
'head' is built into their torso, so no extra damage is added for head hits.
They have almost twenty appendages, one sprouting almost everywhere on their
torsos. Each appendage is slightly different, and has a different task that
it can do well.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Dexterity: 1D+2/2D+2
Knowledge: 1D+2/2D+2
Mechanical: 2D+1/6D+2
Perception: 2D/3D+2
Strength: 4D+1/6D
Technical: 3D+1/5D

Move: 8/10
Size: 1.9-3 meters

Special Abilities:
Nagasci have a brain that was wired to be able to multiple tasks
simultaneously, with the result that they aren't capable of deep thought.
No multiaction penalties when using different limbs, although they do apply
if a single limb does multiple actions. -1D for any rolls requiring
analytical skills, such as Tactics.

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