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Homeworld: Hurloth
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Running: Querraucs use four of their six limbs when running. They only need to
make stamina checks once every hour when running at all-out speed, and get a
bonus of +1D to their running skill.

Multi-actions: Querraucs can use their mid-legs as a second set of arms when
they're not running; they may take a second action in a round at no penalty.
Third actions incur a -1D penalty, fourth actions suffer -2D and so forth.

Cold Sensitivity: due to the hellis volcanic nature of their planet they are
unused to extreme cold. in extremely cold situations all dex and str checks
go up one difficulty level.

Story Factors:
Mistaken identity: Queerraucs are very closely related to eirraucs and are often
mistaken for them though the skin color difference is quite aparent.

Knowledge mongers: Querraucs are very eager to learn something new and are very glad
to leave their volcanic hellis world as soon as possible.

Scholars: many despite they're inate fighting abilities no longer resort to
combat unless necisary. Many become scholars or teachers or even buissnessmen.
this does not mean they are pacifists though. the primal instincts to fight are still
within them and there are still a few who hire out as mercenaries. There main
ambition is still almost always to gain more knowledge.

Move: 17/35

Size: 2.5 meters tall (crouching), 2.8-3 meters tall (full height)

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