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Attribute Dice: 13D
Dexterity: 1D/2D+1
Knowledge: 1D+2/5D
Mechanical: 1D+2/4D+1
Perception: 2D+2/3D+2
Strength: 4D+1/7D
Technical: 1D/2D

Move: 6/10
Height: 2.5-4 meters

Special Abilities
Thick Skin: Their thick skin serves to well protect them from harm. +2
Energy, +1D Physical
Extra Arms: They have two more arms than most sentients. +1D brawling, +1D
Lifting. It also subtracts -1D for multiaction.
Enormous Size: Their huge size easily intimidates most sentients. +2D
Genders: Unzer have no genders.

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