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Kuat Drive Yards Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

Kuat Drive Yards Imperial I-class Star Destroyer


M247 General Purpose Machine Gun

M247 General Purpose Machine Gun

800mm Tromp Cannon

The Tromp Cannon is a vehicle add-on made by a designer at the Cron
Horizon Corporation. The weapon fires a massive 800mm slug at amazing
speeds. It was deadly accurate and could hit it's maximum range in 2
and a half seconds, thus making it a powerful weapon of large-scale
destruction. Unfortunately the weapon has an obscenely long cool-down
rate taking forever to be fired again. Later, the designer was committed
and declared insane when everything he said were variations of the words
"Narm" "Vroom" "Moo" and "Tromp" and began leaping on top of other
designers' heads.

Model: Cron Horizon Corporation BOB-23 800mm "Tromp Cannon'
Type: Slug Cannon
Scale: Walker
Weight: 12 metric tons
Cost: 40,000
Availability: 3,X
Fire Rate: 1/5
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 100/200/500
Blast Radius: 95 meters
Damage: 10D

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