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StormElite Desert Operation Soldiers

Deserts contain many vital resources for both corporations and militas,
with the most abundant and important being oil. Without oil, machines
are virtually useless, as crude oil makes the fuels needed to power
these modern military neccessities.

The StormElite values desert terrain enough to create a special branch
of service for it. Desert operation soldiers know their importance in
the SE, and for the Empire as well. Nearly 35% of the oil the Empire
produces comes from deserts that have been fought over with by SE desert

Desert soldiers were choosen, much like mountain troops, for their
qualifications of physical fitness, intelligence, and adaptability to
climate extremes. With relatively light gear, they complete missions
that occur in the hottest, most unsuitable fighting terrains in the

The most memorable desert operation group was Desert Corps, led by the
legendary Legion General Alwen Kowell. Their stellar performance in the
Commonwealth Sector led them to be acknowledged by Palpatine himself.
Kowell's Desert Corps captured the Scornian Desert, which eventually
put out an impressive 10% of all the oil in the Empire's reach.

The typical uniform for a StormElite desert operation soldier includes
khaki shorts, short-sleeved khaki shirt with SE insignia above the right
pocket, and either a pith helmet (nicknamed "safari" helmets) or tan
baseball-style cap with the desert operations insignia (a palm tree with
the Imperial Emblem in front of it) on the front.

Type: StormElite Desert Operations Soldier
        Blaster 4D+1
        Blaster: BlasTech 34 MT rifle 5D
        Dodge: 3D+2
        Survival: desert/arid terrain 4D
        Sneak 3D+2
        Sneak: desert/arid terrain 4D+2
        Blaster repair: BlasTech 34 MT rifle 3D

BlasTech 34 Mountain Troop rifle (5D), two concussion grenades (5D/4D/3D/2D),
250m syntherope, light combat pack, thirty days concentrated rations, pith
helmet (+2 physical/+0 energy), utility belt with optional combat suspenders

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