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Forsake Fear         Apprentice Power
        Fear. Fear can be a powerful ally as well as a powerful enemy. Forsake Fear allows the user to enter a mild meditative state, allowing them to view their situation objectively and without apprehension. While Forsake Fear may be held active for extended periods of time, it does count towards multiple action cost, but does not reduce the number of actions available per round. When active, Forsake Fear allows the user to add their Control roll to any Willpower checks required to pass any fearful experience, allowing a focus that allows them to better accomplish a task. Control Difficulty: Moderate (Modified by situation) This Power may be "Kept Up"
        Note: Forsake Fear may be used in one of two ways. The user may draw on either the light or dark side of the Force in order to use this ability. The user's mental state and the emotions that they use to tap into this ability are the key to whether or not this ability grants a dark side point.
        Requires:  Clarity of Focus

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