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Clarity of Focus             Apprentice Power
        A Jedi's strength flows from the Force, but it's not always strength that the Force may grant. A Force Sensitive may use Clarity of Focus to probe into the nuances of the flow of the Force to seek answers. An adept who uses Force Clarity successfully will gain a Knowledge + 2D roll to attempt to figure out the answer to the mystery presented. A Force Adept attempting to use Force Clarity may spend many hours, days or even weeks meditating to attempt to discern a solution. Example: Master Yoda used Force Clarity to attempt to discover who removed references to Kamino from the Jedi Archives. Sense Difficulty: Moderate for simple puzzles, Difficult for more challenging puzzles, Heroic for complex solutions. Modified according to situation and character's previous knowledge at GM's discretion. Modified by time spent in Force Clarity.
        Note: This ability actually requires two rolls. The first is the user's Sense ability to gain the extra sense by the Force. If successful, the user must then make a Knowledge +2D roll against the same difficulty number chosen by the GameMaster. If one or both of these rolls fails, the user does not gain any additional insight.

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