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Name: Tanaka "Spirit" Mariko
Species: Human
Type: Starfighter Pilot
Age: 24

Dodge 3D
Running 3D+1
Vehicle Blasters 3D+2

Streetwise 3D+1
Survival 3D+1
Tactics: Starfighter 4D+2
Willpower 4D+1

Capital Ship Gunnery 3D+2
Sensors 4D
Starfighter Piloting 4D+1
Starship Gunnery 5D+1
Starship Shields 5D

Command 3D+1
Gambling 3D


First Aid 2D+2
Starfighter Repair 2D+2

Move: 10
Character Points: 7
Force Points: 1

1st Lt. Tanaka Mariko goes by the tag of 'Spirit,' a rough
translationg of Kami, as she's called by the pilot instructors
responsible for her initial training. In the cockpit, Spirit is
known for her deceptive, defensive piloting, her ability to
sense and avoid incoming fire, and her habit of creeping in as
close as possible to a target before cutting loose with ship's
Tanaka is a third-generation military pilot. Her father, Major
Tanaka Shun (affectionately remembered as Go-Devil), died twenty
years ago in the brutal McAuliffe Ambush of '34.
The 24-year-old ace explains, "I did not join the armed forces
for revenge. I have no fantasies of personally gunning down the
pilot who killed my father. It is a matter of tradition and
duty. The tradition is my family's, and the duty is to the Galaxy...I am often asked if I think of myself as a modern
samurai. The answer is no. I am a military pilot, not a feudal
retainer. But there is nothing to keep a modern pilot from
trying to adhere to the best elements of the warrior-codes of
the past: The code of the samurai, the code of the
knight-errant, any code of honor and service."

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