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F?ros Iennis

F?ros Iennis was one of the most dangerously succesful of the Blood Lust
pirates, amassing huge sums of credits and rising to the top of the Blood
Lust with amazing speed. F?ros is an extremely talented technician, utilizing
all forms of technological breakthroughs, including cybernetics to enhance
his own intellect.

Name: F?ros Iennis
Species: Human (Cyborg)
Type: Blood Lust Head of Technical Advancement
Height: 1.78 meters
Weight: 66 kilograms
Sex: Male
Age: 32

Physical Description:
F?ros is rather gaunt in appearance and is often compared with the
characature of death. His skin is tight against his face, giving him a
prominant jaw line and making him appear much older than he actually is.
In reality he is much stronger than looks would have you believe, his
clothing masking lithe muscles. His dark brown hair is short and neatly
trimmed, his face clean shaven. His nose is sharp and small. His lips are
thin, as are his eye brown.

        Blaster 4D
        Dodge 4D
KNOWLEDGE: 6D (+2D Cyborg Brain, +2D Chip)
        Tactics: boarding parties 8D
        Tactics: capital ships 7D
        Capital ship piloting: Incursor 5D
        Command: Blood Lust members 7D
        Sneak 6D
TECHNICAL: 5D (+1D w/Cyborg Brain)
        Capital ship repair 7D
        Capital ship Weapon repair 6D
        Computer programmingrep 8D
        Droid programming 7D
        Droid repair 7D
        Starship repair 6D

Move: 11
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 11

large storage of technical equiptment, slicing pad, 1 disassembled military
base, 126.52 million credits (127.02 inclusive w/liquidation)

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