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Antiseptic field generator

Antiseptic field generator
Trade Federation modified B1 battle droid (Rocket Battle Droid)

Trade Federation modified B1 battle droid (Rocket Battle Droid)
Ubrikkian Industries K79-S80 Repulsorlift ground assault vehicle

Ubrikkian Industries K79-S80 Repulsorlift ground assault vehicle
Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 corvette

Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 corvette

Earth Federation GM Mobile Suite Pilot

During the One Year War, Zeons introduces the concept of "Mobile Suites".  the Earth
Federation--realizing that these machines were quickly outmatching their tanks, followed
suit with the GM.  The GM was easily mass-produced, and it soon required numerous pilots
to operate the very large mobile suit fleet.  Since countless GMs were produced, there
are many thousands who were accepted to be the creme de la creme of the Federal Forces.

                  Blaster Pistol: DL-44: 4D+1
                  Vehicle Blasters: 4D

                 Survival: Space
                 Tactics: MS Space combat

                Mobile Suit Piloting: GM
                Mobile Suit Gunnery: GM
                Mobile Suit Shield: GM



             Mobile Suit Repair: GM
             Blaster Repair
             First Aid

Equipment: Blaster Pistol (DL-44), Flight Suit, Helmet (+1D physical), 1 Dress Uniform,
1 'Casual' uniform, GM.

Move: 10
Force-Sensitive: ?
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 1

Background: You have lived in a space colony for as far back as you can remember.  You
are also very loyal to the Earth Federation.  Thusly, when the opportunity to serve the
Earth in a space military capacity, you naturally accepted.  Training was brutal, but
you came through, at least to your eyes, a better person.  You mastered the complex 3
dimensional warfare of space combat, and were transferred to the Mobile Suit Units when
it became clear you had aptitude in that direction.  Now, you are ready to take the fight
to the Zeon, and crush them to ensure security for the Earth Federation and its citizens.

Personality:  You are energetic, bright and loyal to your friends.  You are confident
that your GM suit can defeat the Zeke's old Zaku models and bring order to space, as
long as the people of Earth maintain faith in their government.

Comments made about this Article!

22/Apr/2009 20:18:28 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

Hey! I think it's very cool to see this here, and I need to look around for Gundam stats if they are here to see what they're like. i had wanted to do some Gundam conversions of my own, but I didn't know these were here.

23/Apr/2009 12:20:34 Posted by Freddy

These have been additions from DLOS :)

I'm not sure what else is to come, but really there's only the Starships to go, so probably not much.

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