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The Bobs

The Bobs are small,bipedal creatures that inhabit several backwater worlds
in the Outer Rim. They have fur covering their body, ranging in color from
black to white, and have two sets of limbs: a powerful set of hind legs,
and a pair of smaller fore legs which are used to grab food. Their face
consists of a large nose resembling that of a human's, two beady eyes,
and a mouth with two teeth protruding from it.

Their diet consists mainly of vegetables, much to the dismay of farmers
residing on any planet the Bobs live. They eat meat once-in-a-while, but
usually don't run around eating people unless pissed off or extremely
hungry. They reproduce asexually, and give birth to usually about a half
dozen Bobs at a time. Baby Bobs take 1-3 weeks to mature, depending on
environment and what food is eaten. Due to farmers' protests, most Outer
Rim governments will pay a 5 credit bounty to anyone who kills a Bob and
brings a substantial piece of the carcass to an appropriate government

Type: Omnivorous pack creature
     Dodge 4D
     Languages: Narm talk 6D
     Sneak 5D  
     Climbing/Jumping: Jumping 4D+2(5D+2 w/ bonus)
     Brawling: 3D+2
     First Aid: Bob 3D

Special Abilities:
        Bob Communication: Can communicate with other Bobs with a distinct
        language involving varying tones and volumes of the word 'narm'. To
        non-Bobs, every 'word' sounds the same.
        'Tromping': Bobs can hop onto the target's head and latch on
        (characterized by the accompanying 'tromp' noise). Bobs roll Str+2D
        against attempts to pull the Bob off.
        Hind legs: Bobs have powerful hind legs, and therefore get a +1D
        bonus to all jumping attempts.

Move: 5 (walking), 12 (hopping)
Size: .8-1 meters tall

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