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Graas Jhouea (GrÔs Zhoo-eeah)

The Graas Jhouea is a large, solitary predator capable of taking down almost
any other life-form in existance. Instead of being a lesser foe over time,
their unique adrenal glands make them a more worthy foe with every passing

They are a long, snake-like predator, with two 'arms' budding out near
their head, with razor-sharp 'flails' extruding from where their elbow
would be. Their head has two inset eyes with a second eyelid that protects
the eye during combat with no vision impairments. Their mouths have no
teeth; instead they have two openings that spray a potent acid, breaking
down substances enough to be able to pass into their digestive tract. Their
skin also is covered with a slimy gel that reduces friction while they move,
making them more difficult to hear as they approach.

Type: Solitary Predator
        Brawling Parry 5D+2
        Dodge 6D
        (S) Missile Weapons: Acid 5D
        Running 4D+2
        Search: Tracking 4D
        Sneak 5D
        Brawling 5D

Move: 7
Size: 13 ft long

Special Abilities:
Slimy Exterior: +1D to sneak when moving.
Abdomenal Armor: +1D to resist
Cranial Exoskeleton: Negates Head Damage bonus, +1D to resist.
Razor-Sharp Flails: STR+2D damage
Acidic Spray: 4D damage for 1D rounds
Adrenaline-Based Skill Enhancement: Every round, add +1 to all skills that
were used the previous round, with a maximum of +2D. This bonus disappears
after combat has been completed.

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