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The hydra is a large predator that stands taller than even a rancor. The creature
is covered in massive (armored at the base of it's body) fiery red scales. It's
body consist of stubby but powerful legs, a massive armored trunk, and the head(s).
what makes hydras infamous is their strange regenerative abilities. Anytime one head
gets killed or severed three grow in it's place. The creature's vital organs are
all in the center of it's heavily protected body.

Type: Gigantic Predator
        Dodge (heads only) 6D
Move: 8
Size: 7 meters tall

Special Abilities:
        Armor: +3D physical, +2D energy (base)
        Teeth: STR+2D
        multiple heads: a hydra starts with only one head but as mentioned below
        it can gain more. Each head has the above mentioned stats and can act
        independently of each other while retaining a hive mind based from the
        main body. Thus each head counts as a separate creature in terms of actions
        but share all thought.
        Head Regeneration: every time a head is killed or severed the next round
        three heads grow in it's place. each head has the stats listed at the top.

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