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Zering T'Shaa

The Zering T'Shaa, or Dark Hunters, are quite possibly the most fearsome of
all the predators on Resklir for one reason: They travel in packs. You will
very rarely see a Zering separate from its herd, and they hunt in groups of
anywhere from three to seven.

The Zering are a largish predator, measuring 7 ft in length and 4 ft in
height. Their abdomins are covered in heavy scales, while their skulls are
exoskeletal to prevent heavy injury. While having two hind legs, the Zering
have a large tentacle-like front 'arm', that can grasp objects. Also, this
tentacle is studded with multiple razor-sharp spines which can be launched
at an opponent at long range, or be slashed at them at close range.

Type: Pack Predator
        Missile Weapons: Razor Spines 5D
        Search: Tracking 3D
        Brawling 5D

Special Abilities:
        Razor Spines: STR+2D+2 (Melee); STR+2D (Missile)
        Scaled Abdomen: +2 to resist
        Exoskeletal Head Armor: No damage bonus for head hits.

Move: 13
Size: 2 meters long

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