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Crash Test Droid

Crash test droids are commonly used throughout the galaxy by thousands of
governments and corporations alike to test how safe any number of vehicles
are during a crash.

Crash test droids are equipped with internal sensor devices that record
almost every aspect of a crash. Their programming directs them to perform a
self-diagnostic (if possible) immediately after a crash and upload them into
two separate back-up memory cores (one in the head, the other in the chest)
of the droid. Their bodies are built to display the same characteristics as
the "average galactic citizen."

The Empire used them widely to test various civilian transports (everything
from speeders to bulk freighters) to better insure the safety of Imperial
citizens everywhere. In one recorded event, the Empire crewed an entire
Victory-class Star Destroyer with crash test droids to attempt to attain a
"standardized" emergency-landing technigue for such large vessels. The VSD
went down on an uninhabited moon (it was remotely piloted from a nearby
frigate). Nearly all of the droids on board were "killed" during the crash
but a record 1% did survive it. Unfortunately for the Imperial researchers,
funds were cut quickly as the Imperial Navy was stunned to see a request for
fifteen more VSDs and another 100,000 crash test droids for further study.

Model: Industrial Automaton Crash Test Droid
        Droid repair: CTD 4D
        Self diagnostics 5D
Equipped With:
- Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)
- Fire extinguisher
- Computer link-up connector

Move: 8
Size: 1.8 meters tall
Cost: 1,750 (new)

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