Model 203 Grenade Launcher

Mestic Munitions Model 203 grenade launcher is the standard grenade launcher
used on many of Mestic's various slugthrower rifles, especially the AR-15
assault rifle. It uses specially made grenades which can be hard to come by
but are generally a bit cheaper than most standard grenades. It doesn't
quite rank highly when compared with many of the grenade launchers used by
by the Empire or the Republic, but in the words of a Mestic representative,
"there ain't gonna be no reason that ya should be firing these things more
than 200 meters."

Model: Mestic Munitions Model 203 Grenade Launcher
Type: Grenade launcher rifle attachment
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile weapons: grenade launcher
Ammo: 3
Cost: 400 (launcher), 100 (grenades)
Availability: 3, R
Fire Rate: 2
Range: 3-30/100/270
Blast Radius: 1-2/4/6/8
Damage: 6D/5D/4D/3D
Game Notes: One round to reload grenade magazine.

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