Personal Plasma Rifle

Model: Earth Force PPR
Type: Plasma Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Plasma Weapons: plasma rifle
Ammo: 50 (2 clips)
Cost: 1,750 (power packs: 50)
Availability: 2, R
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 4-10/40/120
Damage: 6D+1

When Earth Force designed the PPG they had never expected it to excel in
performance the way it did. Deciding to expand on the personal plamsa
weapon concept, Earth Force went to work designing a plasma rifle. The result
was the Personal Plasma Rifle, or the PPR. The PPR was the second in the
line of the PP-series and was dubbed the PPR. The rifle resembles a
smaller version of the BlasTech A280, and with good reason, The PPR uses
the same power clips as the PPG-1, using two of them at once. The clips are
small and cylindrical shaped, fitting into a spot on top of the stock.

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