The Noinuinians are a near-human race from the planet Noinu, in the system by the same name. Noinu was colonized millenia ago due to rich deposits of Glincine crystal, a type of crystal that is often used in precision beam-focusers of all types. The atmosphere of the planet, however, was difficult, though not impossible, for humans to breathe, and so the colonists were genetically "tweaked" to make them able to breath the atmosphere with less difficulty. There were several unforseen side effects of this genetic engineering (some of which were actually used as examples of why such modification of sentients shouldn't be undertaken in the famed "superbeing" trials of the old Republic). The most noticeable of these side effects is the fact that Noinuinians tend to have a greenish tinge to their hair and skin, as well as slightly more delecate features than the average human. Other side effects include a long life span, up to 185 years, and a high rate of sterility (about 2 out of 5 Noinuinian females are sterile, interestingly this does not affect the male rate of sterility).
    It should be noted that Noinuinians can breathe type I atmospheres with no physical difficulty, but unless the individual is used to such a "stifling" atmosphere, he or she suffers a -2 to all die rolls when in a type I atmosphere for psychological reasons. It normally takes about 2 hrs of continuous exposure to a type I atmosphere for an individual to temporarily overcome this. If a Noinuinian has spent more than 2 continuous weeks in a type I atmosphere, this penalty will never apply again. In the galaxy at large the Noinuinians are for the most part unknown, but in the Conheav sector they are a fairly common sight. In Conheav Noinuinians are generaly considered to be exotic and beautiful, although in fact they are, as a group, no more or less attractive than baseline humans.

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute min/max:
PER 2D/4D+2
STR 1D/3D+1
Special Abilities:
Breathing: can breathe wothout penalty on Noinu. Have psychological difficulty with beathing type I atmosphere (see text).
Age: can live up to 185 years.
Story Factors:
Exotic: considered exotic and beautiful by those who know of them.
Move: 9/11
Size: 1.3-1.8m

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