Model: First Order Elite Praetorian Guard Armor
Type: Advanced body armor
Scale: Character
Skill: Armor repair: Praetorian Guard armor
Cost: Not available for sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Very Difficult to Heroic to create; Difficult to repair


The armor gives +2D VS Physical, +2D VS Energy, -1D Dexterity, and can parry lightsabers and other energy melee weapons.  Praetorian Guard armor not only incorporated materials that were resistant to the energy attacks, but also had conductive wiring built into the armor plates that, when powered, could produce a magnetic field that further improved this, making the armor quite resistant to attacks from blasters or glancing blows from a lightsaber (though direct stab could still penetrate the shell).  If this field is ever deactivated, the armor loses -1D VS Energy, but retains +1D VS Energy due to the materials the armor is made of, and can still use the armor plates, such as the gauntlets, to parry lightsabers.  This field caused excurciating pain to the Praetorians wearing the armor, though this was considered part of their training and every day life after they began their service as Praetorian Guards.  The pain may have helped sharpen their focus to remain alert for potential attacks and assassination attempts upon the Supreme Leader when standing guard in Snoke's throne room.  Characters wearing the armor with the magnetic field activated must make a Stamina check against Moderate Difficulty every hour while wearing the armor.  After three months, this check becomes every day instead as they get used to the pain.

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