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Name: BasiTech "Assassin" Vibro Dagger
Type: Melee Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Lightsaber; Vibroblade
Cost: 1,250
Availability: 2, R
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: Str+3D (7D maximum)

Description: Vibroblades are common cutting tools, which have easily been adapted to use as melee weapons, but are still quite unsuited to this task. BasiTech a leading manufacturer on the planet Thriopex, has designed and built the Assassin Vibro Dagger, which is a well balanced combat weapon using Vibroblade technology, to make the weapon an almost perfect melee weapon. Although weapons are restricted on many worlds, because vibroblades are tools, weapon detectors will usually be programmed to ignore their presence, so the Vibroblade can be taken places where other weapons cannot.

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