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Name: Eopie
Type: Riding Beast

Dexterity: 1D+2
Perception: 1D+1
Strength: 4D

Special Abilities
         Heat Resistant: Eopie have a thick white skin which helps them resist the effects of the heat of searing hot suns like those of Tatooine, this gives them a bonus 1D to their Endurance to resist heat exhaustion and the long term effects of living in a desert environment.

Move: 15
Size: 1.75m (Tall)
Orneriness: 1D

Description: An eopie is a stubborn beast of burden found on the planet Tatooine. This desert quadruped is renowned for its endurance, and is often pushed to the limit by the denizens of the twin- sunned world. The sure-footed mammal has pale skin, a flexible snout, and a grumpy temperament.

        Young eopies are very vulnerable in the desert environment. They need to eat more frequently than their parents, and they are not as useful to farmers since they have limited strength for hauling heavy loads. Eopie babies are slow, awkward, and often fall prey to predators. It is for this reason that eopies travel in herds.

        Eopies mature at six standard years, and live about 90 standard years. Once an eopie has gotten old and weak, Tatooine moisture farmers keep them handy to eat excess desert weeds that sap their crops of valuable moisture. Eopies use their long flexible snout for rooting out plants and uncovering sand lichen that grows just beneath the planet's surface. Their white skin helps reflect the searing sunlight of Tatooine.

Page designed in Notepad, logo`s done on Personal Paint on the Amiga.
Stats by FreddyB. Descriptive Text and Image is from, copyright resides with LucasFilm.
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