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Name: Fusion Cannon
Model: Corellia Drive Technologies BB-80 Fusion Cannon
Scale: Walker
Skill: Blasters; Fusion Cannon
Ammo: 5
Cost: 7,000 (used), (Power Packs 150)
Availability: 2, X
Range: 15-50/250/500m
Rate of Fire: 1
Damage: 4D

Description: A weapon based on the fusion thrusters and fusion drive technology that was used at the dawn of space travel, a controlled fusion reaction with the energy output focussed in a tight beam. Designed by Corellia Drive Technologies shortly before they entered bankruptsy, it provided a small amount of financial relief to the company who had not changed over to newer manufacturing techniques and drive systems and proved to be a powerful anti-vehicle weapon. The design has had a resurgance with the introduction of walkers, and a number of unofficial reproductions have appeared on the market since the Clone Wars and the rise of the Galactic Empire.

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Comments made about this Article!

14/Oct/2011 05:13:31 Posted by ikko {}


28/Oct/2011 13:41:39 Posted by Kroiden {}

Cool indeed.
As a walker-scaled weapon it would be a tad unweildy, though.

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