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Name: Plasma Saber
Model: Jedi Plasma Saber
Scale: Character
Skill: Light Saber; Plasma Saber
Cost: Unavailable for sale
Availability: 4, X
Difficulty: Very Difficult
Damage: 6D (3D Plasma Trail)

Description: The Plasma Saber emits a beam of focussed plasma which is held in place by an energy field, when this field impacts on an obsticle it is disrupted allowing the superheated plasma to burn its way through the target. This field however does allow the Plasma to leak out creating a trail of leaked plasma whenever the blade is swung. This creates not only a usefully damaging effect against opponents, but also a danger to the user who can easily burn himself on the trail. Plasma Sabers use a lot of energy, and drain their power supplies quickly, getting only about 30 minutes of use out of fully charged battery, however the impressive look of the weapon, and its extra damage made it popular with some of the more flashy swordsmen of the Jedi order. Plasma Sabers are now extremely rare, and although their technology is not very complex their design has been lost to the galaxy along with many other secrets during the Jedi purges.

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