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SoroSuub PHG-3

Name: Personal Magnetic Harpoon Gun
Model: SoroSuub PHG-3
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Power Harpoon
Ammo: 20
Cost: 400 (power packs 20)
Availability: 2
Range: 4-20/50/100m
Damage: 1D Physical
Maximum Load Capacity: 200 kg

Description: A simple and reliable design, the PHG-3 is a scaled down version of the power harpoon launchers made famous by the Rebels at the battle of Hoth. It features a magnetic fusion disk and 100 meters of polycarbon cord with a maximum load rating of 200 kg. The onboard power cell is able to launch and retract the harpoon roughly 20 times when fully charged.

         Operation of the PHG-3 is nearly foolproof. The trigger fires the fusion disk, which activates on impact and temporarily locks the retraction mechanism in place. The red thumb toggle can retract the cord or release more cord, and the yellow thumb switch releases the harpoon.

         A relatively common item, PHG-3s are especially popular with zero-grav workers, who can use them to help manipulate large metal objects, or recover from being knocked away from their work area.

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