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Fire Linking: A discussion

Hellstormer, my co administrator recently put the below at the bottom of his fantastic write up for the BY-Wing Ugly. Rather than keep the conversation there, I wanted to move it to the Editorials, so we could have a proper talk about it. I'll not make my own comments here, but I'll leave them for the comments section.


In the Star Wars Rulebook Revised & Expanded, the fire-linking rules are stated to be the same as the rules for "Combined Actions" (described on page 82-83). The rule states +1D for every three people combining actions, so effectively +1 pip per person. Or in the case of fire-linking, per weapon. However, this is contradicted on page 127 in a breakdown of the X-Wing's fire-linked laser cannons. The breakdown states that four characters working together in "Combined Actions" receive a bonus of +1D+2 (whereas the rules said earlier this would be +1 pip per person, therefor +1D total for three extra people). This breakdown then states that the X-Wing's laser cannons, if fired separately, are reduced -1D+2 for 4D+1 damage. By the rules as written, the X-Wing's laser cannons would be 5D as heavy laser cannons shown in Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighter. But by the breakdown example, the X-Wing's laser cannons would be more like medium laser cannons (3D to 4D). Because of this contradiction, I have always gone by the X-Wing breakdown example when fire-linking weapons and modifying ships, vehicles, etc, giving +1D for the first added weapon. This is because the +1D gives the player some extra punch to their modified weapons without seeming too weak, making the effort feel worth while. "Dual" or "twin" weapons usually recieve this treatment by me when figuring them out, as some I have come across seem to be standard "light", "medium" or "heavy" weapons, but with +1D damage. Any additional weapons added to the fire-link beyond the first is still only +1 pip.


Comments made about this Article!

18/Jan/2018 18:03:46 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Whenever I stat things I've never tried to do math like that.

It gets the number of guns it seems to have, and damage and fire control and range etc is picked by comparison to existing things and how I feel should slot in

So 'this seems like it should do a little more damage than a TIE' etc

18/Jan/2018 21:58:59 Posted by Hellstormer1

To Freddy: In that case, I need to go look up turbolaser batteries again. I remember for the longest time wondering how many were in a battery on the larger Imperial capital ships (Imperial and Super Star Destroyers) and what their damage would be as turbo lasers also seemed inconsistent. When I found Wookiepedia, it helped figure out the numbers and do the math and figure this out. I assumed turbo lasers were 4D (batteries were 7D) and heavy turbo lasers were 7D (batteries were 10D). I think the process I use might throw this off. I'll take a look when I get back home.

19/Jan/2018 02:35:29 Posted by hellstormer1

To Alex: Simple solutions for the win?

19/Jan/2018 03:45:15 Posted by hellstormer1

To add to the discussion, I just found this little gem. The Star Wars Rule Companion, page 36, Guns Modifier Chart. I'd like anyone and everyone interested in this discussion to take a look at this and voice your opinions. This could help when it comes to fire-linking and weapons batteries.

Also of note, it looks to be a 1st edition book. While some might discount the book for that reason alone, I have seen some cool stuff in what few 1stEd books I've been able to look at in the past, though my experience is almost completely with 2ndEd. Before this, the only 1stEd books I had looked at was whichever book Martial Arts maneuvers were in (which were never reprinted or updated in 2ndEd, as far as I am aware), and Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighters 1stEd (to compare differences of mod gear and stuff between editions).

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