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Hello, and welcome to

        My name is Freddy, although I tend to use the handle FreddyB when I`m online, and I`ve been a Role Playing Gamer on and off for the past 15 or so years. I`ve also been on the Internet for the past 5 years or so, and although I have found many fantastic role playing Web Sites on the Internet, I haven`t found many that talk about groups similar to mine, although I think that we can`t be that uncommon.

        Most sites I`ve found seem to be about people who are ultra serious about their roleplaying, whereas with my group we treat it more like a social occasion. Where most RPG sites seem to talk about the deep and complex roleplaying sessions they have, we`re lucky if we manage to drag a game session away from idle chat for longer than an hour, and combat is about as deep as we get into roleplaying (well not really, but we all enjoy gettting our frustrations out by causing wholesale mayhem and violence).

        But from most of the user input I`ve seen, this isn`t a rare thing, most gamers treat the game as if its fun, not a drama course.

        So, when asked to put a web page together for college, I started this site, and while on my summer break I decided to continue, improve and enlarge this site.

        My plans are to combine stuff about my gaming group, stats for the various games we play and pages about our particular style of gaming. However this page is also my homepage, so will contain my various rants and raves about whatever takes my fancy at any particular time.

        To start off with there will be a lot of stats for Star Wars D/6, as this is what I have been running lately, so have a lot of home made background material for it. I hope to expand this with material we have created for the various games that we play. House rules, races, equipment, etc for different commercial games, and complete sets of rules and background for games we (me really, I suppose I should take all the blame) have made up and played as one shots.

        I also want to add the ideas that pop into our heads for adventures, gameworlds, etc, but that we never have time to do anything more with.

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All text, HTML and logos done by FreddyB
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Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.