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Cylon Empire Multi-purpose Starfighter Model-HS4 (War of Eden miniseries)

Cylon Empire Multi-purpose Starfighter Model-HS4 (War of Eden miniseries)
Tommet Sozach (Mercenary Leader)

Tommet Sozach (Mercenary Leader)


I'att Armament Enhanced Stormtrooper Armor Shield System (ESASS)

The ESASS was a great leap forward in stormtrooper protection. I'att
Armament, a long time ally of the Empire, produced this product to
protect the Empire's many stormtroopers. The field produces anti-
energy bursts just out of phase with blaster fire. Zersium flecks
that are bonded into the advanced body glove amplify the field. It
is a key element of the entire system.

Model: I'att Armament Enhanced Stormtrooper Armor Shield System
Type: Military Shield System
Scale: Character
Skill: Character Shield
Cost: 8,000 credits
Availability: 4, X
Armor: 1D+1
Shield: 7D
Game Notes: The ESASS combines an anti-energy field and Zersium flecks
in the body glove to make a nearly impenetrable anti-blaster field. If
field is broken through, energy field is disabled until repaired. Although
the field might be down, heat dissipaters remove 5 from the damage total.
Do NOT add the armor die to the strength to resist roll, the ESASS is a
stand-alone system. The system is built in to the regular stormtrooper
armor except rebalanced (+1 to armor) for the added weight.

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