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Section of Site: StarGate SG1Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CIA AgentsEra: Canon:

Name: Arvin Sloane
Corporate Raider Sleuth 2 Advocate 2 Scientist 1 Illuminati 10 Dai Lo 5 (O-7)
Init: +14 (+13 Class, +1 Dex)
Defense: 22 (+11 Class, +1 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft
WP: 14
VP: 132
Attack: +10 melee, +10 ranged
SQ: Adaptable, Behind the Scenes (DC 10 or less), By Any Means 2/session, Continuity (Cultures, Gather Information, Search, Spot, Surveillance ), Dai Lo's Privilege, Filthy Rich, The Five (2/serial), Interview +2, Learned, Macro-Specialty (Cultures, Disguise, Electronics, Intimidate, Open Lock, as class skills, +5 bonus to each action die rolls), Money Talks (1/4), Plausible Deniability (+8, error range), Puppet Master (fanatic, worshiper), Red Tape, Shadow Player (advanced, grand), Shadowy Mentor, Sources (information), Total Control, Trusted Advisor (Political Clout, Political Immunity), Vast Resources (mission BP, Five Star Service)
SV: Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +20

Abilities: Str: 12, Dex: 12, Con: 14, Int: 18, Wis: 14, Chr: 16

+60+20+13+100+60Skills: Bluff +, Bureaucracy + (19-20), Computers +, Concentration + (19-20), Cultures +, Cryptography +, Demolitions + (19-20), Diplomacy +, Disguise +, Driver +, Electronics +, First Aid +, Gather Information + (18-20), Hide +, Intimidate +/+, Knowledge (Espionage) + (19-20), Knowledge (Forensics) + (19-20), Knowledge (Military History) + (19-20), Knowledge (Milo Rambaldi ) + (19-20), Knowledge (Tactics) + (19-20), Languages (English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish) +, Listen +, Move Silently +, Open Locks +, Profession (Espionage) +, Profession (Military) +, Search +, Sense Motive +, Spot +, Surveillance + (19-20)

+1++5+3Feats: Advanced Skill Mastery (Master Fence), Armor Proficiency (light, medium), Career Agent, Filthy Rich, Five Star Service, Grand Skill Mastery (Master Fence), Handler, Master Fence, Police Training, Political Clout, Political Favors, Political Immunity, Scholarly, Weapon Group Proficiency (handgun, hurled, melee, rifle)Attacks
SIG-Sauer P-226 +13 1d10+1
Unarmed +12 1d3+1

7+4Gear: SG Team Bundle, other bundles as needed (by mission).

CIA Agent Arvin Sloane was born in New York City, New York, USA.
Arvin Sloane was the cold, calculating leader of SD-6, directing its operations against the U.S. government under the guise of being a secret organization within the government itself.
At some point, Sloane had a brief affair with Jack Bristow's wife, Laura. This resulted in the birth of the child who would become known as Nadia Santos. It is unclear exactly when this affair took place or exactly when Nadia was born.
He is now heading a department of the CIA under the suspicious and watchful eyes of Marcus Dixon, Sydney and Jack Bristow.

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