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Section of Site: StarGate SG1Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CampaignEra: Canon: No

        In 1928, archaeologists uncovered an ancient Egyptian artifact covered in strange symbols from a site near Giza at the foot of the Great Pyramids. The huge metallic ring baffled those who found it, defying their preconceptions and shedding Earth’s ancient past in a whole new light. The device was called a “stargate,” a piece of alien technology from beyond the stars. It connected to vast network of similar gates, scattered on countless planets throughout the galaxy. With it, humanity could travel to alien worlds as easily as walking through a door.
        Nearly seventy years later, the United States government created the Stargate Program, designed to send teams of qualified personnel through the gate on missions of exploration and diplomacy. Lead by Col. Jack O’Neill and SG-1, these teams became Earth’s emissaries among the stars… as well as it first line of defense. For among the countless planets bound by the stargate network, an ancient menace lurked alien parasites called the Goa’uld, who masqueraded as gods and presumed to rule mankind with an iron fist. The Stargate Program battled this menace with bravery and zeal, all the while continuing to push the boundaries of human knowledge. They also found new allies among the stars as well, benevolent aliens willing to aid their cause, and other humans, taken from Earth millennia ago and scattered across the galaxy like seeds. And still, their mission continues. Traveling farther than anyone could have dreamed, exploring new worlds, and discovering a universe rife with excitement and danger.
        Now some time after there are many SG teams operating from Earth, so a new off-world SGC has been set up on an abandoned alien planet. The base has been abandoned for just over forty years. The teams at this new site, called Alpha Base or the SGA, all work under the command of Col. Ferretti, former commander of SG-2. Among the teams operating from here is the recently reassigned SG-Alpha.
        P4Z-327 is actually a moon which operated as a port for the nearby planet. P4Z-327 is a natural satellite of the planet, visible by reflection of sunlight and having a slightly elliptical orbit, approximately 356,000 kilometers (221,600 miles) distant at perigee and 406,997 kilometers (252,950 miles) at apogee. Its mean diameter is 3,475 kilometers (2,160 miles), its mass approximately three quarters that of Earth and its average period of revolution around the planet is 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes calculated with respect to the sun.
        The Stargate at the new site is set up on a multiple jointed arm and when not in use or as a security precaution can be placed flat and locked into a reinforced trinium plate, preventing travel through the gate either way, similar to the idea of the iris in Cheyenne Mountain. The Stargate is made of a slightly different design than the standard Ancients Stargate.

Comments made about this Article!

24/Feb/2009 21:15:41 Posted by HellStormer1 {}

I like this setup. Hey, can someone tell me what else this campaign involved? I like how it uses Ferreti as a link to the original setting, too. Like, what drive did this setting have, who were their antagonists, and what cool things happened along the progression of its plot and story???

26/Jul/2009 23:50:58 Posted by Anonymous

This is the current campaign I'm attempting to run, the team has bumped into a new up and coming system lord called Beli Mawr, God of death and king of the Underworld.

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