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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

RanCorp Selplex-23 Nerve Gas

Selplex-23 is a very deadly form of nerve gas. It gets breathed in and quickly
gets into the bloodstream and attacks the nervous system. The gas has been known
to cause permanent disabilites or leave people weaker for the rest of their life.
Many times the gas kills it's victims but ocasionaly some are strong enough to
be left concious or even on their feet still. But bcause this gas stays active
for so long and is so concentrated this is very rare. It is favored for use against
enemy encampments for obvious reasons, but some corrupt goverments have been know
to use these grenades on rioters.

Model: RanCorp Nerve Gass Grenade
Type: Nerve gas grenade
Skill: Grenade
Cost: 200 credits
Availability: 2 ,X
Blast Radius: 0-3 meters
Damage: 5D versus Stamina
        0-3 -1D to all actions
        4-8 Incapcitated but still concious, make moderate stamina roll every
round to see if charchter passes out. if succeds by more than 5 charchter can
perform actions again at -3D
        9-12 Unconcious for 2D hours
        13 -1D stregth and dex permanatly
        14 Permanant disability of some kind
        15+ death
Game Notes: Gas active for 1D minutes(12 rounds in a minute), roll damage each round.
        Functions as a 1D smoke screen. Blocked by breath mask.

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