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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Acidic Adhesive Thermite Gel

Model: Imperial Intelligence AsG1
Type: Acidic adhesive thermite spray gel
Scale: Character
Skill: Spray weapons
Ammo: 5 (each can cover up to one square meter in gel)
Cost: 375 credits
Availability: 1, R
Range: 1-2/4/6
Damage: Acid: 3D+2
        Thermite: 10D per round (only if ignited)
Game Notes: AsG1 is a highly acidic, and highly sticky substance that can be
            sprayed with a small, specialized, canister. The glue compenents
            of the spray gel hold with a strength of 6D, a character must
            make an opposed Strength roll to free himself from the gel. The
            gel causes 3D+2 damage per round that a character is in contact
            with the gel. It is impossible to remove from bare skin, normal
            clothing will prevent contact with skin for 1D rounds, and most
            other suits of combat armor can provide anywhere from 2D rounds
            of protection up to 4D rounds of protection (GM discretion). A
            Character must make an Easy Dexterity roll to remove any bits of
            clothing and/or armor before the acid comes in contact with the
            skin. In the case of an ignition of the plasticene thermite,
            drop the damage for the acid base and use the 10D per round
            damage for the thermite.

AsG1 gel was created accidently by researchers working for the Ubiqtorate
(Imperial Intelligence) who were simply looking to create an adhesive that
could be applied to any surface to trap enemies and possibly help aid in the
escape of an agent. The lead researcher, seeing a possible promotion in his
near future for developing AsG1, had the team insert plasticene thermite
into the mixture for a more destructive.

In field tests, AsG1 has proven extremely effective. In some cases, enemy
troops have become stuck in the gel when it was sprayed on the floor, and
the acid literally began disolving their feet, then their legs, then their
torso, eventually leaving nothing but black mush on the ground. In other
cases, a simple blaster shot into the gel has ignited the plasticene
thermite, incenerating everything it comes in contact with, including people
and bulkheads.

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