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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Portable Railgun

In order to acheive the upper hand over both the Imperial and Republic
forces in the sector, the Palvar Defense Force needed a new type of weapon,
more powerful than a blaster rifle and the same merciless firepower of a

Aarlis Nacirem, owner of Kashan Systems and head of the Palvar Defense
Force, knew that the resources under his direct command were insufficient to
produce the type of weapon he desired. Taking a new leap for Kashan Systems,
Nacirem made a proposal to one of the galaxy's top firearms manufacturers,
Mestic Munitions. Mestic agreed to codevelop such a weapon only if they
would be given sole licensing rights and a contract to manufacture the
completed weapons for the PDF. Knowing the importance of outgunning the
Imperials and Rebels, Aarlis agreed.

Mestic and Kashan's top scientists worked day and night for nearly a year
developing concepts, designing, and finally constructing prototypes of the
weapon. The final finished product came to be known as the Type I Portable
Rail Gun (PRG).

The PRG incorporates new technology into the firearm market. The PRG fires
razor tipped armor piercing rounds via magnetic propulsion that effectively
throws the round several times the speed of sound so effectively that the
intended target is long dead before he hears the shot that killed him. The
actual firing of the weapon is nearly silent as there is no internal
explosion propelling the rounds as in other firearms.

The Type I PRG is a fairly large weapon, requiring a back pack battery or
generator to supply power to the powerful electro magnets. It is 154 centi-
meters in length (not counting the back pack and attachment cable) and comes
painted in a flat dark grey. An advanced targeting scope is attached to the
top right left of the weapon and it can easily penetrate thin walls, brush,
and other insignificant cover and display an accurate image of what may be
attempting to hide under such cover (the PRG can easily penetrate anything
that the scope can scan through).

The PRG was issued to only a handful of heavy weapons specialists in the PDF
Army and is most often used for long ranged engagements.

Model: Kashan Technological Development/Mestic Munitions Type I PRG
Type: Enhanced slugthrower
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: railgun
Ammo: 50
Cost: 13,760 credits (standard ammo clips: 100, explosive ammo clips: 500)
Availabilty: 3, X
Range: 4-45/150/350
Fire Rate: 2
Damage: 7D (standard), 9D (explosive)
Game Notes: Scanning Scope: +3D to Firearms, requires a Moderate Sensors
            roll to sight in a target (+1D Sensor bonus when sighting in
            moving targets, targets with significant variations in heat
            signature, and targets wearing metal-based armor).
            Silent Operation: Very Difficult Perception roll to hear within
            5 meters, Heroic within 10, impossible past 10 meters.

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