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Sonic jammer

Sonic jammer

Salla Zend (Human Smuggler)

Salla Zend (Human Smuggler)

Section of Site: StarGate SG1Belongs to Faction: Subtype: StarGate AtlantisEra: Canon: Yes

Name: Dr. Rodney McKay, PhD
Civilian Specialist Scientist 9 (Grade 4)
Init: +5 (+4 Class, +1 Dex)
Defense: 18 (+7 Class, +1 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft
WP: 12
VP: 49
Attack: +4 melee, +5 ranged
SQ: Brilliant +2, Improvise +5, Learned, Macro-Specialty (Knowledge (Astrophysics), Knowledge (Chemistry) as class skills, May take 10 with Knowledge (Astrophysics) and Knowledge (Chemistry), +5 bonus with education checks), PhD (Electronics), Professor, Research (Grease Monkey, False Start)
SV: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +8

Abilities: Str: 10, Dex: 12, Con: 12, Int: 20, Wis: 14, Chr: 14

Skills: Computers +20 (18-20), Concentration +10, Craft (Computer Systems) +17, Cryptology +20 (18-20), Demolitions +17, Driver +6, Electronics +27 (18-20), First Aid +3, Forgery +10, Knowledge (Astrophysics) +16 (19-20), Knowledge (Chemistry) +14 (19-20), Knowledge (Physics) +15 (19-20), Listen +5, Mechanics +20 (18-20), Profession (Scientist) +4, Search +15, Sense Motive +5, Spot +14, Surveillance +14, Survival +3, Xeno-Languages +6

Feats: Advanced Skill Mastery (Grease Monkey), Advanced Skill Mastery (Mathematical Genius), Armor Proficiency (light), False Start (Grease Monkey), Grease Monkey, Mathematical Genius, Scholarly, Stargate Basics, Weapon Group Proficiency (handgun, melee), Well-RoundedAttacks
Unarmed +4 1d3

Gear: SG Team Bundle, other bundles as needed (by mission).

Civilian specialist Rodney McKay was born in Canada.
Doctor Rodney McKay is a familiar face at the SGC. He was called in by the Pentagon after Teal'c became trapped within the Stargate system. He had been studying the Stargate Program out of Area 51 for over a year and was considered by the Pentagon to be the world's foremost Stargate expert.

Once Teal'c was saved, McKay was reassigned to Russia to work on naquadah generator technology. McKay was later brought back to aid Samantha Carter in the development of a solution when Anubis began to slowly destroy Earth's Stargate.

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