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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: JEDI AND SITH WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No

Force Blade

Though it is called a Force Blade, despite what the name may infer, it
does not mean force as in "The Force," but rather force as in force field,
like the shield on a battle ship.  The weapon is little more than a shield
generator built into a sword handle.  When turned off, the handle is about 30
cm in length and about 4 cm in diameter.

The generator creates a force field in the shape of a sword blade.  
Because the blade is made of nothing more than an energy shield, it can be
shaped to be extremely sharp, much more so than any metal can ever be.  
However, it is just that, a force field.  It cannot cut through anything as
effortlessly as a lightsabre, and requires physical strength in order to cut
through a material, just like a real sword.  Because the blade is made of
nothing more than pure energy, it has no mass whatsoever, and is just as fast
as a lightsabre in melee combat.  The internal computer can be programed with
up to 5 different blade shapes, and the sword already comes equipped with
two, a short sword blade and a long sword blade, both double edged, but the
short sword is made for single-handed use, and the long sword is, of course,
made for two-handed use.  These shapes, if so desired can be removed and
replaced with others, as well as 3 additional shapes.  The shape setting is
controlled by a rotating knob at the bottom of the handle.  In order to
change the current blade shape, the sword must be turned off, the knob must
then be turned to the desired setting, and the sword must be turned on again.
Note that when the sword is turned on, the knob locks into place and cannot
be changed while the sword is in use.

The sword itself can cost anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 credits depending
on the dealer, and the price for it can change depending on the GM's
discretion.  Because of the nature of a force field, only relatively simple
shapes can be generated.  The sword initially comes equipped with 5 different
blade shapes: short sword (double edged, single handed), long sword (double
edged, 2 handed), katana (single edged, slightly curved, 2 handed), wakizashi
(single edged, slightly curved, 1 handed), and baton (single or double
handed, blunt.)

The blade of a Force Blade because it is a force field can stop both
physical matter as well as energy, such as a lightsabre blade or a blaster
shot.  In combat it functions in the exact same way as a physical blade would
except of course for the fact that the blade has no mass or weight.  It is
just as capable of parrying a blade made of metal as it is a lightsabre or
blaster bolt.  It cannot, however, cut through physical matter like a
lightsabre can, and requires physical strength of the wielder to penetrate

Because the blade can be different shapes, these shapes should be taken
into consideration by the GM when in melee combat.  A katana blade would be
better at slashing because of it's shape, but a longsword or short sword
would be better at thrusting.

The blade is in fact visible, however, it does not glow like a lightsabre
would, but rather shines with a translucent bluish color, like a ship's
shield would.  When struck, that part of the blade becomes darker, again,
like a ship's shield would.  The blade also does not "hum" or generate heat
when cutting through matter.  Because the blade is sharper than any metal
could be, it has about the same cutting power as a vibro sword, if not more.  
The sword is water proof and will work just as well under water and in a
vacuum as it would in normal atmosphere.  The blade is able to block a
blaster shot, but it cannot ricochet a blaster shot like a lightsabre can.  
On impact with the blade, the blaster shot will simply dissipate.

The power source of the sword is a standard small unit power cell and
must be changed after about one year of use.  Some Jedi however, have used
the Jedi battery techknowledgy of their lightsabres to power the sword after
the ban of lightsabres during the time of the Galactic Empire.  

Model: ES force blade
Type: Force blade
Scale: Character
Skill: Force blade (depending on blade shape)
Cost: Anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 credits depending on the dealer or on GM
Availability:  4, R
Damage: STR+4D (max: 7D)

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