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Arbitron: Electric Pulse Weapon

The EP-W is a seamingly normal metal rod until you meat the electric field
that is emmited from the tip for a brief moment. The end of the staff is
pointed away from the user and a pulse of intense electricity blasts from
the end in a forward cone that can take down almost anything. An unobtrusive
wire runs from the staff to a backpack containing a battery that powers it.
Though orginally advertised as a self defense tool, the EP-W was quickly
picked up by theives and thugs for there less reputable business.

Model: Arbitron's EP-W
Type: Electric staff
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: EP-W
Ammo: 3
Cost: 5,650 credits
Availability: 4, X
Fire Rate: 1
Difficulty: Moderate (if difficulty is not met user shocks him/herself)
Range: 0-2/3/4
Damage: 7D/5D/2D, 6D/4D/1D (stun)
Game Notes: After each shot the EP-W must be allowed to cool down for five
            minutes. If colling is not allowed, it will overload and
            possibly explode doing 8D damage to everyone within 2 meters.

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