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VerdanTech Stunnet Pistol

The VerdanTech Stunnet pistol was part of a quickly discontineud line for big game
hunters. It ws meant to be sued to bring things like wampas down without killing them.
However people were using them to bring other people down. Many times Bounty Huntrers
were the ones misusing the weapon as well. After a large degree of complaint agaisnt
the weapon no mroe stunnet weapons were released.

Model: Verdant Technologies Stunnet Pistol
Type: Stun net launcher
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons: Stunnet Pistol
Ammo: 1
Cost: 1,100 (net canisters: 100)
Availability: 2, X
Range: 3/5/10 meters
Damage: 8D stun; 5D holding strength
Game Notes: Everyone within a 45 degree arc of the shooter's front is hit with a successful
use. Characters within five meters of the blast cannot attempt to dodge; characters six to
ten meters away may attempt to dodge, though all attempts are at a -1D penalty.

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