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EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle

EL-16HFE Blaster Rifle
Bearus (Human Chairman of the Empress Teta Carbonite Guild)

Bearus (Human Chairman of the Empress Teta Carbonite Guild)



Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Arbitron Neural 'Brain Drain' Blaster

The Nueral Blaster is one of the most vile, destructive weapons Arbitron has
ever created. They publicly deny the existence of such a thing, and have never
admitted that project 'Brain Drain' ever existed. There are however many
theories that the NB-DB was an experimental device that matched certain brain
waves and violently contorted them in conflicting patterns, causing violent,
and gruesome, results. No evidence was found of it, and the only prototype
that was thought to exist has never been found since the scientist that
created it, alias 'Nova Creed', disappeared into thin air. There have been
many investigations into the existence of the NB-DB, but no conclusive
evidence can be found to state such a thing was ever made. One can only
hope that if it does exist, no one will ever mass produce it for his own
personal army of death.

Model: Arbitron Neural 'Brain Drain' Blaster
Type: Neural deadening blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: *NB-DB
Ammo: 3
Cost: Not for sale
Availability: 4, X
Fire Rate: 1/2
Range: 0-20/55/100
Damage: **10D (***20D)

* - Cannot be operated by someone without the specific skill NB-DB
** - See game notes
*** - Damage can be set to a specific race's neural patterns, greatly
      increasing the damage inflicted.

Game Notes: User makes a perception roll to determine damage done, use
            the following chart to see effect.
                0-3        Stunned
                4-8        All memories within an hour are erased
                9-12        All memories within a month are erased
                13-15        All memories within a year are erased
                16-21        Victims brain is wiped clean of all memories.
                22-40        Victims brain dies within one day
                41+        Victims entire brain hemorrhages violently and causes
                         all nerves to convulse, heart bursts, lungs collapse
                         liver explodes, arteries rupture, muscles rip
                         themselves apart, eyes pop in their sockets, ears,
                         nose, and eye sockets bleed before the brain
                         ruptures and explodes, leaking out of all body
                         cavities in the head.

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