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Section of Site: The Force D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: ImperialCanon: No

Slow Time (Con)
Requires the Dissipate Energy, Burst of Speed, and Alter feats and
the Enhance Attribute skill

This power's "name" is somewhat misleading. more acurately it
should be called Hyper-acceleration or some such. Time isn't
slowed or stoped, rather the user of the power moves at five
times their normal rate. This hyper acceleration causes
incredible wear and tear on the user's body and thus cannot
be used repeatedly in a short ammount of time. A jedi has to
be specially prepared just to use the pwoer without it causing
hundreds of tears to form across their muscles and skeleton.
A dangerous power to use, it is still a very useful tool and can
make the user very deadly.

Target DC: 25

This power slows one round down into five for the user.
However time goes exactly the same for everyone else.
Everyone else declares before the user, however their actions
stretch out over the entire five rounds. Thus the user only
has to dodge on the last round if he's atatcked, and only if
he's still in the path. In the meantime he can take actions
as normal in the five rounds with normal multiaction penalties.
However during the five rounds the Slow Time power is
considered to be "up" and thus the user suffers multiaction
for sustaining it. This power can only be used once every 12

Vitality Point Cost: 8

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you are dumbs!

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