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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No

Cellulose-Encased Laser-Guided Bomb

The Imperial Navy uses laser-guided bombs to support covert forces that
need firepower possessing pinpoint accuracy. While most laser-guided
munitions are simply standard iron bombs equipped with designation gear,
the cellulose-encased laser-guided bomb (CELGB) is specially designed
for its purpose.

When most bombs explode, there is a high percentage of iron deposit found
in the soil around the blast crater. The cellulose casing of the CELGB
disintigrates upon detonation, leaving no trace of shrapnel or bomb
fragments in the explosion's radius. This effect makes it extremely
difficult to trace the source of the explosion, and if executed properly
can have the appearance of a large car or terrorist bombing.

The cellulose-encased laser guided bomb contains the explosive components
HMX and BI-3, which when mixed together correctly create a compound called
ZiLox. While relatively stable, the effects of ZiLox upon detonation are
highly destructive. The resulting explosion is quick and extremely violent,
and affects an area of up to 75 meters.

ZiLox is extremely expensive, and can only be afforded by the Empire and
higher-class militias. The Imperial Navy generally uses the cellulose-
encased laser guided bomb for special missions only, when a target must
be completely detroyed without alerting the enemy of an attack. The CELGB
is a completely silent and equally destructive.

Model: Zev'Lon Armaments Cellulose-Encased Laser-Guided Bomb Unit
Type: High-explosive laser-guided bomb
Scale: Walker
Cost: Not available for sale
Fire Control: 3D+2 (seeker: laser marking)
Blast Radius: 0-25/50/75 m
Damage: 6D+2/5D+2/4D+2
Game Notes: If a laser-designation device is not used to mark the ground
            target, reduce Fire Control to 0D.

Designer Notes: The cellulose-encased laser-guided bomb is based off the
                weapon seen in the movie and novel "Clear and Present Danger."

Comments made about this Article!

14/Feb/2016 03:13:18 Posted by Orsage {}

Nothing like stealing this idea from a movie, "Clear and Present Danger" to be precise.

14/Mar/2016 04:05:10 Posted by Hellstormer1 {}

OMG, haven't looked on here in forever! Yeah, a lot of the write-ups are taken from other sources and fitted into Star Wars D6, or whatever other setting you like using D6 for. Personally, I love the variety it brings to the table.

19/Mar/2016 23:21:20 Posted by Freddy {}

To quote the last line of the stats

"Designer Notes: The cellulose-encased laser-guided bomb is based off the weapon seen in the movie and novel "Clear and Present Danger.""

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